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       5th October 2017  

Guide Dog Training Centre

Following an amusing coach journey, with the fun of raffles and guess the weight of the cake, 45 of us arrived at the Guide Dog Training Centre. We were met by staff and volunteers who took us on the guided tour of the facilities. All the people involved were excellent and we met a series of the guide dogs in different stages of training and experienced the training methods that are used in their developement. We saw the training areas, leisure areas and the boarding kennels, had the oportunity to ask questions as a group (or individually if we prefered) and meet individual dogs. An experience that everyone would enjoy and one that we will repeat in 2018, probably incorporating a trip to the breeding centre as well.

Lichfield Charity Day

Seat Price - 113 seats sold at £6 - £678

                - Orla Bus Collections - £321                                    

                - Victor Bus Collections - £325


Guide Dog Training Day 

Seat Donations - 45 seats at £3 - £135              

                         - Bus Collections - £185                                    


Donation Pots to Date - £136


Name a Puppy - £30                                                                      


               TOTAL     £1800

As many of you already know, we have this year raised a lot of money for the

“Guide Dog Organisation”. With a little more effort we could get to

name our very own puppy, change a life & leave a legacy.


The name is the first gift that a guide dog puppy receives and is a chance for us

to become part of their life-changing story. So here at Caradoc Coaches we are

launching a new appeal to try and reach the monetary target necessary.


For JUST £5 you can suggest a name for the puppy, or

For JUST £2 you can put a vote against a name already proposed. 


(to donate you can put cash/chq in sealed envelopes & hand to any of our drivers, by adding to card payments when booking trips/holidays or by mail to our address)


Obviously, the name with the most votes when we reach the target amount of £2500, is the one that we will put forward. But please note that the name chosen will be subject to approval by the Guide Dog Organisation and also bear in mind, that someone will need to shout the name out loud regularly!


The names proposed are listed below and the votes for each will be updated regularly, as will our total amount collected. When the target is met the website will show the winning name. Once our puppy is named, we will receive a puppy pack, including a photograph of our puppy and a birth certificate. Updates on the puppy’s progress will be available here so that we’ll be able to follow it’s education all the way through to it’s successful pairing with an owner.


















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                                                  Guide Dog Breeding Centre - March 14th 2018

                                                  Guide Dog Training Centre - November 1st 2018